The PXD Mobichip and the PXD Biopyramid have thousands of enthusiastic users worldwide. All these people use them as protection against harmful GSM radiation. We'd like to share some people's thoughts about their experiences with you:

Susanne Bulten “In my home I had a lot of stress from electromagnetic radiation: I live on the top floor of my building and on the roof of the building next to mine there are a couple of large GSM and UTMS transmitters beaming directly into my apartment. I had all windows covered with special protective foil but I remained sleeping restless and had only short nights. I also had problems concentrating.

The first week after I had the pyramid in my home I slept like a baby, sometimes up to 12 hours undisrupted. I didn’t know what happened to me. Apparently I had a lot of caching up to do. Also the quality of my sleep improved, it became deeper, more restful. And it stayed this way. I don’t have sleeping problems anymore and I wake up rested. My concentration has also improved, I have more rest in my head. I am sure this is thanks to the pyramid.”
Susanne Bulten, Coach/counsellor True Me Coaching

Anneke Jochemsen “Ever since I stuck the PXD Mobichip to my phone, I've noticed that the tingling I experienced whenever I used a mobile phone disappeared. I felt the same sensation when I used a wireless mouse, so I've stuck a chip to that too and … no more tingling! I'm convinced that the chip eliminates or considerably reduces radiation!”
Anneke Jochemsen (53), Trainer & Coach

Sandra Been “Het gaat goed met de Mobichips en de Biopiramide. Althans dat denk ik te voelen. Daar waar ik altijd moe achter de computer vandaan kwam, heb ik er nu geen last meer van.”
Sandra Been, Sec4U secretaresse intermediair

Willem Plandsoen“ Now that I have a PXD Mobichip on my phone, my ears don't get red or warm when I phone!”
Willem Plandsoen, Direcor DreamJob

Ilse van Doorn “Since I attached the chip to my phone's battery, I don't hear any more strange sounds or get earache or headaches when I phone. I'm very happy with this product”
Ilse van Doorn, Student

Priscilla“Met de chip heb ik minder druk/spanning in mijn hoofd, het voelt rustiger. Daardoor voelt het ook veiliger. Het is echt heel goed!”
Priscilla Talloway, IT Specialist (Education Service Coordinator)

“I used to experience terrible pain in my ears when I used my mobile phone, so I had to hold the phone away from my ear whenever I used it. The minute I attached a PXD Mobichip, the problem was solved.”
V. Dimkov, Physical education teacher

Hellen Vissers“When I started using the PXD Mobichip, the radiation from the phone stopped affecting my ears. For some or other reason, the phone seems ‘lighter'.”
Hellen Vissers,Songwriter at Sony/ATV Music Publishing

“I used to suffer from insomnia, lack of energy and poor concentration. These problems disappeared 7 days after I started using the PXD Mobichip.”
Maria Bandjolica


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