The PXD Biopyramid neutralizes the negative effects on the human body and the mind caused by electromagnetic radiation from GSM- and UMTS transmitters, wireless networks (WiFi) and other electronic equipment (electro-smog).

The PXD Biopyramid also harmonizes geo-pathogenic radiation, cosmic radiation and radiation from underground watercourses. It has the ability to absorb harmful energy and to transform it into positive energy which is emitted into the surrounding space.

The energy emitted by the PXD Biopyramid has a refreshing and revitalizing effect. It works within a 7 meter radius, thus covering an area of 154 m².

When compared to similar products, the PXD Mobichip has a number of distinct characteristics:

  • clinically proven to be effective
  • certified and recommended by the German IGEF
  • unlimited useful life
  • affordable
  • small size (11,5 cm × 11,5 cm × 9cm)
  • easy to use


Neutralizing electromagnetic pollution takes away the harmful health effects from it. This will manifest in several ways, such as:

  • You will sleep better. Insomnia is frequently caused by the influence of (geo-pathogenic) radiation, especially when your bed is placed in the wrong location.
  • Reduced feelings of stress will reduce conflicts between people using the same space.
  • It elevates the concentration.
  • It has a calming effect on restless children.
  • It also has an positive effect on animals and plants.


The PXD Biopyramid is an exact 1:2000 scale replica of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops). It is made of natural clay with embedded crystal grains which have the same purpose that the long lost cover of the Great Pyramid of Cheops had. Inside the pyramid is a hollow ceramic column filled with fine quartz grains enclosed in a BioG Chip.

Open pyramid

The functionality of the PXD Biopyramid is based on a technology that alters the polarity of the surrounding radiation in such a way your bodily cells stop regarding this radiation as ‘alien’ and cease tying to adapt to it.

This is achieved through the use of Tin (Sn)-, Copper (Cu)-, Nickel (Ni)-, Silver (Ag)-, Gold (Au)-, Molybdenum (Mo)- and Silicon (Si) crystals embedded into the circular pattern engraved onto the Bio-G chip.

Dit wordt bereikt met behulp van kristallen van de metalen Tin (Sn), Koper (Cu), Nikkel (Ni), Zilver (Ag), Goud (Au), Molybdeen (Mo) en Silicium (Si), die zijn verwerkt in het cirkelvormige patroon dat in de chip is gegraveerd.

The circular pattern serves as an antenna that receives the radiation, the metal crystals harmonize the radiation and send it back to the surrounding space. The Bio-G chip technology is based on principles of quantum mechanics and has won prizes on international innovation fairs of Brussels, London, Moscow and Pittsburgh.


Place the PXD Biopyramid on a central location on the ground, the logo facing north.

The functioning of the Bio-G chip inside of the pyramid is determined by the direction of the earth magnetism. It is important to place the PXD Biopyramid with the logo facing north.

The direction of the earth magnetism can locally be influenced by greater metal objects like a central heating radiator. In this case you should place the pyramid facing north as indicated by a compass.

The protective function covers the space of a half sphere surrounding the PXD Biopyramid with a radius of 7 meters. The pyramid does not function in a downward direction.

Half sphere

The sphere indicating the protected area curves to the inside when increasing in height. This means that a next floor above where the pyramid is placed may not be protected completely.

The unprotected area will at the edges of the space where often electric sockets, lamps and electronic equipment are placed. These are sources of electromagnetic pollution.

For practical purposes it is recommended to keep in mind a functional height of 3 meters. This means that every floor should have a pyramid, just to be sure that all spaces are covered. Of course it depends on the local situation, which spaces and the size of the spaces that have to be protected to determine if more pyramids are needed to protect the total space.


To de-charge the crystals, once a month the PXD Biopyramid should be placed in direct sunlight (outside) with the lid opened. When there is no sun, leave the pyramide outside the whole day, as long there is daylight.


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Price: € 149,50 including VAT



Susanne Bulten, Coach/counsellor True Me Coaching

Susanne Bulten

“In my home I had a lot of stress from electromagnetic radiation: I live on the top floor of my building and on the roof of the building next to mine there are a couple of large GSM and UTMS transmitters beaming directly into my apartment. I had all windows covered with special protective foil but I remained sleeping restless and had only short nights. I also had problems concentrating.

The first week after I had the pyramid in my home I slept like a baby, sometimes up to 12 hours undisrupted. I didn’t know what happened to me. Apparently I had a lot of caching up to do. Also the quality of my sleep improved, it became deeper, more restful. And it stayed this way. I don’t have sleeping problems anymore and I wake up rested. My concentration has also improved, I have more rest in my head. I am sure this is thanks to the pyramid.”



The protection offered by the PXD Biopyramid, regarding the biological influences from electromagnetic emission, as well as the harmful influence from geobiological fields, to the human’s organism was successfully tested at the laboratories of the IGEF (Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung).

Conclusion of the test report:

"The PXD Biopyramid is convenient for usage in homes and offices in order to protect you against the biological influence from electromagnetic smog and the harmful influence from geo-biological fields (such as underground water flows, land movement, Hartman and Kari network). Thereby, the requirements of the IGEF International Society for Electromagnetic Smog Research are fulfilled, and the seal for approved and recommended by IGEF is acquired."

>> Summary of the test report

The complete IGEF test report can be downloaded. The original report is in German, but an English translation of the report is also available.