The protection offered by the PXD Biopyramid, regarding the biological influences from electromagnetic emission, as well as the harmful influence from geobiological fields, to the human’s organism was successfully tested at the laboratories of the IGEF (Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektosmog-Forschung).

Conclusion of the test report:

"The PXD Biopyramid is convenient for usage in homes and offices in order to protect you against the biological influence from electromagnetic smog and the harmful influence from geo-biological fields (such as underground water flows, land movement, Hartman and Kari network). Thereby, the requirements of the IGEF International Society for Electromagnetic Smog Research are fulfilled, and the seal for approved and recommended by IGEF is acquired."

The complete IGEF test report can be downloaded. The original report is in German, but an English translation of the report is also available.

You can read an English summary of the report.

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