The protection offered by the PXD Mobichip, regarding the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation during mobile phone use, was tested at the laboratories of the IGEF (Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektosmog-Forschung). This short summary contains the most significant results from the tests. Analysis of the product indicated the following:

The PXD Mobichip is suitable for the protection of the human body against electromagnetic radiation. It is suitable for use with equipment including mobile phones, DECT telephones, baby monitors, WLAN's, radios, TV's, etc. In addition, the PXD Mobichip complies with all demands set by the international institute for electromagnetic research and is certified and recommended for use.


Assessments were performed using 3 scenarios:

  • No exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • Calls made with the PXD Mobichip
  • Calls made without the PXD Mobichip

Evidence of the protective qualities of the PXD Mobichip was gathered by means of biofeedback. Biofeedback is a procedure by which signals from the body are measured and displayed. Feedback is displayed for, amongst others, the following physical signs: temperature, muscle tension, brain activity (EEG), heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and skin conductance response.

The PXD Mobichip was tested to measure its effects on the reduction of stress potential, on the development of rhythmic physical processes and on the body's ability to adjust to external influences.


The scientific world recommends that any findings witnessed should be duplicable under the same circumstances (objectivity). With regards to the human body, this is impossible because aspects like the metabolism or the autonomic nervous system are subject to very rapid change and do not remain constant (subjectivity). However, the results of the biofeedback analyses clearly indicated that electromagnetic radiation had effects on the test subjects. The results also made the protective properties of the PXD Mobichip evident.

The results of the study showed that the PXD Mobichip's “information field” essentially “harmonises” the biological function of energy structures with organisms. The intensity of electromagnetic radiation is not measurably affected by the PXD Mobichip.


In short, the protective functioning of the PXD Mobichip can be described as follows:

  • The use of the PXD Mobichip in conjunction with mobile telecommunication equipment can, according to registered biofeedback analyses, clearly reduce the stress load on the autonomic nervous system.

  • During telephone calls employing the PXD Mobichip, stress potential is reduced by an average of 6% in relation to the (neutral) baseline value. When the PXD Mobichip is not employed, the stress potential increases by 7% in relation to the (neutral) baseline value.

  • A stress potential reduction of 34% was observed in the case of some individual test subjects.

  • Any reduction in stress potential is significant when considering the total load carried by the body. To much stress can, over time, lead to psychosomatic complaints and disturbances of the organism's functions.

  • When using the PXD Mobichip, registered development of the standard heart rate variance indicates a stabilising and harmonising effect on the body's rhythmic processes. This is confirmed by the criteria set for heart rate variability:

    • Decrease of the heart rate interval series, necessary to maintain the internal balance,
    • 50% decrease in the Total Power *) of the autonomic nervous system,
    • Decrease in the number of successive heartbeat intervals with a > 50ms difference.

Research performed over a longer period of time will condense the analysis results and provide more substantial evidence of the body's adaptation ability during long-term use of the PXD Mobichip.

The complete IGEF test report can be downloaded. The original report is in German, but an English translation of the report is also available.

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*) "Total Power" is the total effort made by the autonomic nervous system to maintain an organism's balance while it is influenced by internal and external loads. A change in the external load (perhaps influenced by electromagnetic radiation) causes a reaction which is reflected as a change to the total effort (Total Power) of the autonomic nervous system.


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