We provide the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

How do I know that the PXD Mobichip works?

You can trust this product to perform exceedingly well. The PXD Mobichip has been extensively tested by the German IGEF (Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektosmog-Forschung). Results showed a clear reduction in harmful effects caused by electromagnetic radiation. If you prefer, you can read the test results. You can also read about the experiences of a number of users.

Does the PXD Mobichip affect the functioning or the reception of my phone?

No, the PXD Mobichip doesn't affect the functioning or reception of your phone, or any other electronic device, at all.

With what mobile phone brands can the PXD Mobichip be used?

The PXD Mobichip may be applied to any brand of mobile phone.

How long will the PXD Mobichip work?

The PXD Mobichip has an unlimited useful life.

Can I transfer the PXD Mobichip to another phone?

Yes, you can. The PXD Mobichip is supplied with adhesive tape and can be attached to the battery inside your phone or to the back of the phone itself. You can detach it and attach it to another phone. If, through time, the adhesive tape wears down, you can replace it by some new double sided tape.

What is the delivery period for the PXD Mobichip?

Once you've ordered and paid, the PXD Mobichip is sent immediately. In The Netherlands, you should receive it within two working days. Outside The Netherlands it may take longer, depending on your country.

May I return my PXD Mobichip?

Yes, within two weeks you can return the PXD Mobichip for a full refund of the purchase price.

Does the PXD Mobichip function only with mobile phones?

No, the PXD Mobichip may be applied to DECT telephones, baby monitors, computers and any other equipment that utilises a wireless connection and emits radiation.

Does the PXD Mobichip function only when I'm calling?

No, when your phone is on standby the PXD Mobichip is still at work. A phone on standby still sends signals which are harmonized by the PXD Mobichip.

Where is the best place to attach the PXD Mobichip?

You can attach the PXD Mobichip to the battery inside your phone, or to the back exterior of the phone.

What maintenance does the PXD Mobichip require?

The PXD Mobichip doesn't require any maintenance. Feel free to wipe the chip clean every now and again, but this is not required for effective functioning.


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