Children can be more sensitive to the effects of mobile phone use for three reasons:

  • A child's nervous system is still developing and is, therefore, more susceptible to external energy.
  • Mobile phone radiation will penetrate a child's head more easily because the skin and the skull are thinner.
  • Children will be exposed to radiation for much longer periods than adults because they will grow up around mobile phones and wireless equipment.


For this reason, limited use of mobile phones by children is recommended. In France, marketing mobile phones to children under the age of twelve has been prohibited since 1 January 2009. Sales of mobile phones to children under the age of six are also not allowed. This is due to the radiation emitted by mobile phones.

Therefore the use of mobile phones is discouraged for children in the age under 16.

"Every minute of RF exposure to teachers or their students is a minute too long. In my opinion as a professional with Canadian national and pro AHM, other students, and school staff and faculty experience adverse health effects and should be discontinued immediately as this as a national and global emergency.”
Curtis Bennett–Expert Witness called to testify for Standing Committee on Health

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Wireless Technologies – An Urgent National and Global Emergency

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