PXD MOBICHIP protects you and your children against the harmful effects of mobile phone use.

The PXD Mobichip can be applied to any equipment that uses a wireless (internet) connection:

Telephone with

  • mobile phone
  • tablet 
  • your DECT home or office telephone
  • babyphones
  • wireless headphones
  • laptop
  • printer
  • mouse
  • etc.

We provide you with a full satisfaction guarantee. If the PXD Mobichip doesn’t live up to your expectations, you may return it within 14 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Reception and the functioning of your telephone (or other equipment) will not be affected.

The PXD Mobichip is supplied with fixing tape. The chip is small and handy and has a diameter of only 22mm and is only 0,4 mm thick. Fix the PXD Mobichip to the battery inside your phone or to the back of the phone itself.


The PXD Mobichip is a metal “chip” that you attach to the battery of your mobile phone. It is a unique product, based on nano-technology, that intercepts the radiation emitted by your phone and eliminates the harmful effects that this radiation has on the cells in your body. The functioning of your mobile phone remains unaffected, while its harmful effects are reduced. Our solution even works while your mobile phone is in standby mode.


When compared to similar products, the PXD Mobichip has a number of distinct characteristics:

  • unlimited useful life
  • clinically proven to be effective (Test report HERE)
  • certified and recommended by the German IGEF 
  • indestructible
  • requires no maintenancesmall, thin and light (ø 22mm × 0.4mm en 4g)
  • affordable
  • aesthetic design
  • easy to use
  • works with all mobile and DECT phones
  • mobile phone function remains unaffected
  • may be used with laptops, printers and other equipment that utilise wireless connections


MobiChipSiteThe PXD Mobichip is based on technology that alters the polarity of your mobile phone’s radiation in such a way that your bodily cells stop regarding this radiation as ‘alien’ and cease trying to adapt to it.

This is achieved through the use of Tin (Sn)-, Copper (Cu)-, Nickel (Ni)-, Silver (Ag)-, Gold (Au)-, Molybdenum (Mo)- and Silicon (Si) crystals embedded into the circular pattern engraved onto the chip and aplications of the principles discovered by Nobel Prize winner in physics, Niels Bohr.

c2-tin.>> Read here more information about the PXD Mobichip’s physics background.








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Price: € 29,75 including VAT

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Anneke Jochemsen (53), Trainer & Coach

Anneke Jochemsen “Ever since I stuck the PXD Mobichip to my phone, I've noticed that the tingling I experienced whenever I used a mobile phone disappeared. I felt the same sensation when I used a wireless mouse, so I've stuck a chip to that too and … no more tingling! I'm convinced that the chip eliminates or considerably reduces radiation!”



The protection offered by the PXD Mobichip, regarding the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation during mobile phone use, was successfully tested at the laboratories of the IGEF (Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung).

Conclusion of the test report:

"The PXD Mobichip is convenient for organism protection from harmful electromagnetic emissions and electromagnetic smog. It is also appropriate for usage with other appliances such as (baby phones, WLAN radio/television networks). Thereby, the requirements of the IGEF International Society for Electromagnetic Smog Research are fulfilled, and the seal for approved and recommended by IGEF is acquired."

>> Summary of the test report

The complete IGEF test report can be downloaded. The original report is in German, but an English translation of the report is also available.